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PROCESS DIRECTORY - this is where the stuff is located

01. Define the situation: articulate and express the problem in human terms, give it boundaries and then look at it from many different angles

02. Envision the desired end state / define success: though scenarios, models, journey maps� even the product that you hope to create

03. Define the approach: based on steps one and two create a map and have it printed clearly in your mind and even the wall

04. Gather support and then action: sell what you are doing to others (professors, students, colleagues, clients, etc.) this helps sell the problem to you

05. Research for prototyping: pause and seek insight to the problem through exhaustive research, provide a framework for the gathered data

06. Prototype potential solutions: build a model, a user process map, a collection of moments, a list of possible hypotheses

07. Delineate the tough choices: find the potential problems and rid yourself of them, this is difficult yet important as it will improve the design process and product

08. Choose the best solution, act on it: visualize the outcome from different sides, at this point you are finished

09. Promote and sell solution: make sure others know of your design research, show what they are paying for (or believing in the case of academic design)