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new media seminar

The Idea is to change landscape from a noun to a verb, how does landscape work as a cultural practice. Landscape, we suggest, does not merely signify or symbolize power relations; it is an instrument of cultural power, perhaps even an agent of power that is (or frequently represents itself as) independent of human intentions. Landscape as a cultural medium thus has a double role with respect to something like ideology: it naturalizes a cultural and social construction, representing an artificial world as if it were simply given and inevitable... (W.J.T. Mitchell. Landscape and Power)

This seminar introduces students to mapping and exploration as a potential methodology for their own art practice, interpreting and situating their work with a physical and/or virtual context/place. Students will interface with the local landscape conducting experiments and interventions with their surroundings as pedestrians and cyclists with the intention of developing strategies that inform their work/projects. This class looks for the connections between students' own work and geography, landscape architecture, critical theory, anthropology, and natural resources. We will read selections by Jonathon Stilgoe, Michel deCerteau, Gile Deleuze, George Lakoff, Rebecca Solnit, and Lucy Lippard to name a few. Class format will consist of discussion, collaboration, group critique as well as studio visits/individual meetings. In this class you will be required to read, to make work and to engage physically with the environment.

final project
Often the spaces one must traverse with repetition are marginalized and/or reduced to a nuisance. I propose to map my cognitive understanding of the route I take to school daily. I would like to explore an area I cover frequently, yet pay little attention to as I am thinking of the tasks that lie ahead, frequently several steps in advance of my current position.

» final project: test one

mid term project
for now the project is titled "depot project" just so we have a way of naming it. the project is a multilayered video interpretation of the depot area south of downtown, gainesville. specifically our border is the retired train depot, the east border is the abandoned grocery store on 7th ave, north our area extends just to se 5th ave and the southern border is depot avenue.

our interest (for now as this is an ever growing list) includes the notions of:
  • fuel - food, oil and electric
  • community needs
  • history of consumption
  • path - new and old
  • accessibility

    » type and image scenes for "projection" onto physical structures
    » physical structures
    » PLAY VIDEO (requires quicktime)

    project two

    appreciation cards

    project one