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creative project in-lieu of thesis

this thesis is about:
  • video, web, motion, sound
  • place
  • narrative
  • ideas
  • the riviera / vacation / tourism
  • culture
  • innovation
  • finding a mass cultural appeal, immediacy of information, accessibility and updatability
  • the broader implications
  • experience
  • ... and of course, design

    abstract or problem statement (although i dislike using the word "problem")
    This project involves exploring Internet delivery methods for qualitative research in visual culture. It strives to engage new thinking into the use of graphic design, video production and web design/development as it increases research communication through the utilization of technology. The content of this thesis entails investigation and discovery the ideas/imagination and experiences of people living in Sanary-sur-Mer, France. Research groups include:
    1. Employees of Le Centre Azur, a conference center located in Sanary-sur-Mer, France.
    2. Short Term Locals (or long term tourists)
    3. Transplants (ex-patriots)
    This study gives special attention to narrative, tangible and intangible ideas and identity of groups of people living in the region. Another goal is to communicate a multilayered yet intelligible narrative of the stories collected. This is also an effort to clearly communicate the local as well as popular conceptions of Le Centre Azur contextualized within its relationship to Sanary-sur-Mer as told by research subjects.

  • production

    20 april:
    panographic view of downtown sanary (big file)
    collaged view of le centre azur (big file)
    the characters of le centre azur (big file)

    15 march:
    silly intro movie, i call these things: "skip intro"

    05 march:
    most all progress is with the main interface (le contexte du centre) and/or to the grid below... all of those elements should be finished soon.

    22 february:
    once a visitor has selected a photo, video and voice square to load, they get a content screen:

    07 february:
    audio/subtitle movies and content movies based on the grid from le contexte du centre:

    04 february:
    getting closer to the look i want: le contexte - 04

    31 january:
    video on a background (requires flash player 8): click here

    23 january:
    type/logo examples: click here

    23 january:
    content animation screens: click here

    17 january:
    flower animation: click here

    15 january:
    thesis website comp two: le contexte - two | le contexte - two A
    experimenting with "dragable" menus so visitors can create/construct their own narrative.

    05 january:
    thesis website comp one: le contexte - one

    07 december:
    mira project / thesis research website template: /mira two
    written completely with standards compliant css/xhtml, using coldfusion to facilitate content delivery.

    14 november:
    content delivery screens: / one(b) / one / two

    01 november:
    flash video test and titles experiment

    30 october:
    video frames - images for video "projection"

    10 october:
    the characters of le centre azur (big file)

    09 october:
    collaged view of le centre azur (big file)
    collaged view of le centre azur with textual artifacts (also a big file)

    05 october:
    panographic view of downtown sanary (big file)
    panographic view of downtown sanary with textual artifacts (also a big file)

    25 september:
    mapping exercises: sanary usage maps (for new media)